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The Best Sex Toys For Women

At one point in time, sex toys were seen as necessary evils – dildoes were simply toys to enhance intimacy between partners; vibrators weren’t considered particularly desirable either. Sexually frustrated ladies got fed up with this faux oppression and started their own revolution, sparking off female-focused toys designed to increase orgasmic quality even without partners present (or provide pleasurable substitutes if none exist). Unfortunately, finding your ideal sex toy may be daunting task with so many choices and advertisements bombarding us from every direction – but once found it can become even easier!

Clinical sexologist and educator Linnea Marie believes it’s crucial to select an object or toy that complements the type of sexual encounters you desire or have already. “If masturbation is something you and your partner enjoy doing together, look for vibrators that mimic clits. Otherwise if masturbating solo is your thing then consider something more discreet that won’t interfere with regular bedroom routine such as vibers,” suggests Linnea Marie.

Another key consideration when buying vibrating toys is safety. Marie advises purchasing toys made from certified body-safe materials without holes or charging ports that could leak during use and using lube to make any vibrating toy more pleasurable, adding that storing toys in a temperature-controlled space when they’re not being used helps to minimize bacteria growth risk.

Finding the ideal sex toy can be just as crucial to an incredible sexual encounter, which is why we have curated a selection of top women-specific toys offering sensation play, discreteness and orgasm-boosting power – and much more!

Your hands will love the feel of this realistic-feeling dildo that’s as enjoyable to use as it appears. Just press a button to turn it on or change settings; and because its flexible silicone construction means you can bend it into various forms for stimulating multiple erogenous zones.

This discreet vibrator uses Pleasure Air Technology to deliver delicious vibrations without ever touching your clits directly. Water-resistant and USB rechargeable, its 10 patterns and 6 speeds offer plenty of playability while its adorable bunny egg shape adds fun and playfulness to any bedroom routine.

This sex toy is designed to fit snugly between your anus and vagina for the ultimate orgasmic boost with or without a partner. Plus, applying lubricant makes customizing and experimenting easy – ideal for beginners or those who prefer silky soft clitoris sensation. Just remember to apply plenty of water-based lube beforehand – warm lube can only enhance its effect!